TailHigh Dog Hybrid Harness - Moss Green - TailHigh
TailHigh Dog Hybrid Harness - Moss Green - TailHigh
TailHigh Dog Hybrid Harness - Moss Green - TailHigh
TailHigh Dog Hybrid Harness - Moss Green - TailHigh
TailHigh Dog Hybrid Harness - Moss Green - TailHigh
TailHigh Dog Hybrid Harness - Moss Green - TailHigh
TailHigh Dog Hybrid Harness - Moss Green - TailHigh


TailHigh Dog Hybrid Harness - Moss Green


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  • All-in-one Leash and Harness
  • Two-way Lock Safety Stop System
  • Y-Shaped Chest Pad
  • Anti-Wrinkle Buckle Structure
  • Reflective Stitch on Leash and Chest Logo

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Why TailHigh's Hybrid Dog Harness?

Super Convenient

Leashing your dog shouldn't feel like war. TailHigh's hybrid dog harness is light weight, easy to put on and helps make your life easier.

Highly Safe

We developed our own patented two-way auto-lock system to make outdoor walks for your buddy highly safe. 

Comfortable Design

We want the absolute best for our dogs! That's why we use premium materials and our unique Y-Shaped design for a smooth fit to keep your dog comfortable.

Is it a vest harness? Is it a leash? Its...
It's TailHigh's Hybrid Dog Harness!

A two in one harness and leash combination so you don’t have to constantly leash and unleash your dog. When you aren’t holding the leash, it simply retracts into the harness. TailHigh’s Auto-Lock Two Way Lock system makes it highly safe and convenient.


Here's how to use TailHigh's hybrid dog harness.

Grab your newly arrived dog harness, making sure it's the right size for your dog. Checkout our sizing guide on top.

Open the anti-pinch buckle and secure the harness as shown in the image above. It should stay locked in its place.

Voila! Your dog is now ready for a safe and comfortable outdoor walk. Do always hold the leash when in crowd/traffic.

Why buy TailHigh's products for your dog?

1. Satisfaction Guarantee

More than 5000+ Pet Parents trust us and our satisfaction guarantee. We believe in the quality of our products and offer 365-Days Warranty for our products.

2. Only The Best For Your Dog

We love dogs and we love humans who take care of them! That's why we use only the durable, highest quality, non-toxic materials for our hybrid dog harness.

3. Giving Back To Rescue Dogs

For every purchase on our website we help the rescue dogs in need. A percentage of our sales are dedicated to help those who need it the most!

our finest product

Innovative Hybrid Dog Harness


We use elastomer, a type of rubber that is flexible and robust. Elastomer is a non-toxic material that is used in baby toys and bottles. TAILHIGH's materials are also water resistant.

When The Sharpest Minds Meet The Most Creative. The Result Is This. High-Quality Technologically Advanced Harness With Maximum Safety And Top-Notch Design.

Where Can I Use TailHigh's Hybrid Dog Harness?

We set out to design a better way to leash your dog. TAILHIGH's 2-in-1 harness & leash is lightweight and extremely strong. The 5-foot retractable leash is designed for convenience and safety, providing you just enough length to walk your dog without being tangled in the lead. Our award-winning, patented, two-way lock system provides a safety stop for when you need more control. We use premium non-toxic materials and a Y-shaped chest pad to ensure your dog's comfortability all day. With TAILHIGH, there's no more hassle leashing and unleashing.

Step Into The Future With TailHigh's
Hybrid Dog Harness

Pets & Pawrents Love TailHigh's Hybrid Dog Leash

What people say

TailHigh's Vision

The anticipation of your furry companion as it waits to step into the outdoors. The unbridled excitement, the uncontrollable tail, and the pure joy. This is why TAILHIGH was born. No matter how short the walk, to them it’s a precious one-day journey. Using innovative technology, we provide a comfortable and safe way for you to be with your companion. This is why TAILHIGH exists.

The No More List

  • No More Safety Concern During Walks
  • No More Difficulty In Handling Your Dog
  • No More Problems Of Carrying Around A Leash
  • No More Worries Of Buying New Accessories

Patented Designs And Technology

Years Of Research And Development Makes Us The Best Of Who We Are

We have been providing our customers with various outdoor dog equipment since 2016. Our pride comes from creating a wonderful environment for our pets-from watching their joy as they run through nature, or ride a SUP with their owners.

Through these experiences, we have recognized a need for safer and more comfortable equipment geared for the outdoors. After nearly a year and half of deliberation and research, we developed our ‘TAILHIGH’ brand. We now introduce our first product: the ‘Hybrid Harness’.



TailHigh is made of premium materials, including non-toxic food grade Elastomer. The lead tape is lightweight and extraordinarily strong. It has been tested in wide range of climates (wet) and conditions (sandy) and we have not had any issues. With proper care, a TailHigh can last for years.