About Us

Our History

We have been providing our customers with various outdoor dog equipment since 2016.

In addition, we have been hosting our annual ‘Yosemite Camp’ an event centered around enjoying nature with your dog.

Our pride comes from creating a wonderful environment for our pets-from watching their joy as they run through nature, or ride a SUP with their owners.

Through these experiences, we have recognized a need for safer and more comfortable equipment geared for the outdoors. After nearly a year and half of deliberation and research, we developed our ‘TAILHIGH’ brand. We now introduce our first product: the ‘Hybrid Harness’.

Just as our joy and passion for creating a wonderful environment for our dogs will grow, we will continue to provide new outdoor equipment through our patented technology.

Our Vision

The anticipation of your furry companion as it waits to step into the outdoors.

The unbridled excitement, the uncontrollable tail, and the pure joy.
This is why TAILHIGH was born.

No matter how short the walk, to them it’s a precious one-day journey.
Using innovative technology, we provide a comfortable and safe way for you to be with your companion.

This is why TAILHIGH exists.