What is made of and how long will the TailHigh last?

A. TailHigh is made of premium materials, including non-toxic food grade Elastomer. The lead tape is lightweight and extraordinarily strong. We've tested in a various conditions and haven't yet found any issues. With proper care, a TailHigh can last for years. 


Can I lock the leash at certain lengths?

TailHigh's leash has a safety feature that locks momentarily in case an unexpected situation occurs. This feature does not lock the leash consistently but only works when the leash is pulled rapidly. It unlocks automatically when the leash becomes loose. Please be familiar with the operation, before going out with your furry friend for the first time.

What size do I need?

There is a size chart in the product page. We recommend selecting a size based on body measurements rather than weight. Before selecting the size, please measure the neck and the chest. If you struggle to measure, we can help you choose the right size. Please contact customer service, support@tailhigh.co


My dog weighs over 90 lbs. Will TailHigh handle the weight?

Yes. Although we list range for size Large up to 77 lbs, TailHigh can withstand much higher weight as long as harness fits properly. Our harness has four buckles for proper size adjustment.


Can I use it for a puppy?

Absolutely, as long as it fits your puppy.

Is it strong enough to use for a large breed dog?

Large breed dogs can use it safely. The leash is nylon-woven and has passed the evaluation by an authorized testing lab. It is strong enough to pull a 1-ton truck.

Does the built-in leash make it heavy?

The small size harness weighs only 4.6 oz, which is the weight of two eggs. It should be comfortable for small-breed dogs over 8 lbs.


Isn’t the 5-ft leash too short?

We intentionally made it at 5 ft to provide a good control and to avoid any unexpected incidents (e.g., scratch around your legs due to unexpected charge).

Is it water-resistant?

We used corrosion-resistant materials for all parts of the TailHigh. Dogs can go in the water and swim with the harness on. However, the cloth and nylon leash may get wet. You can use it after air-drying.

Does it make a loud noise when it retrieves the leash?

There is a slight noise when it winds and loosens the leash, but you can barely hear it when you walk outside. When the safety stop function is activated, the stopper inside of the hardness makes a ‘click’ sound. Your dog may be a little sensitive to the sound at the beginning of use, but it gets better after a few uses. Sometimes, you can train your dog not to pull your leash by using this sound.


How strong is it?

All the raw and subsidiary materials of the harness are made of the same materials and qualities as those used for people’s outdoor products. The durability has been enhanced so that it can be used without difficulties in outdoor activities.


Quality assurance system

We put our supporter satisfaction as our priority and strive to enhance the outdoor activities with your furry friends. Please contact us if you have any questions or other issues while using the product. We try our best to work on the submitted cases as quickly as possible. The quality assurance period expires one year after the delivery.

Customers are responsible for repair costs
1. In case of damage or failure due to physical shock on the external part

2. If customer disassembles the product

3. If the product is damaged by external factors other than defects